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Pure Water Technology


Why Choose Pure Water?

Pure water acts as a powerful cleaning agent, allowing us to clean outside windows without the use of detergents or chemicals. The result: Beautiful, spot-free windows, without the use of traditional squeegees. With our water-fed pole systems, we can accomplish all of this safely from the ground on windows up to FIVE stories high!

Let us demonstrate how this new technology can beautifully and SAFELY transform the windows at your home or business. YOU'LL BE AMAZED!


Pure Water


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There are a number of ways both to access and to clean exterior windows. Hawk Wash strives to stay abreast of new developments in the industry and utilize advancements that will keep the job site a safe and productive environment.


Pure Water Technology allows improvements in:

Quality of work we are able to provide the consumer.


Why is this?
5 stage filtration removes 99.99% of minerals and impurities from the tap.


Safety in knowing windows can be effectively cleaned from the ground, Why is this?
Statistics show many work injuries are caused by ladder related accidents.


Accessibility to those "hard to reach" or "dangerous" areas of your home. Why is this?
 The telescoping, light-weight, fiberglass pole makes easy work of these areas.
Efficiency in getting the job done, so you can get on with your day.

It involves less time trouble-shooting access, moving and climbing ladders, and cleaning windows and frames.


Pure Water Technology, coupled with the use of the Water-Fed Pole System, enables us to accomplish all 4 of these important objectives!
Keep in mind that minerals are what cause tap water to produce spots when it dries on glass. With these removed, the pure water can be used for cleaning without the fear that it will leave behind unsightly spots!




"Just wanted to say thanks for a superior job of window cleaning yesterday despite difficult weather conditions. Your crew was professional, skilled diligent, pleasant, and everything else a customer could wish."

Mike & Cathy B


"Thanks so very much for all of your help moving furniture! Besides doing a superb job on the windows, you are just wonderful to have around!"

Tina & George U


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