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Commercial Window Cleaning


Whether you have a three-window retail store or a complex of mid-rise commercial buildings, we can care for your commercial window cleaning needs. Best of all, we can clean your commercial windows from ground-level up to four stories from the safety of the ground with our pure-water, squeegeeless pole system. Please call 785.218.3585 with any questions you may have about this amazing new technology which finds its ultimate application in commercial window cleaning. Why take on the added liability and cost of rope-descent window cleaning when you can get better, clearer results from our water-fed pole system? Washing Windows at the Allen Fieldhouse Museum

If you need basic, ground-level storefront window cleaning, we’re here for you. With 20 years of experience in cleaning storefront windows and a stable crew of cleaners, we can make the face of your business sparkle. And you’re likely to see the same cleaners caring for your needs week after week. We understand the nuances of storefront window cleaning—from avoiding your lunch rush if you are a restaurant to wiping down sills and frames so that your whole storefront exudes cleanliness. Put away the paper towels and windex, and leave the first impressions of your business to the professionals!

Our crews are trained to minimize interference with your work and business operations. So whether you have an office building, an industrial complex, or a retail operation, we will make you shine and allow you to attend to business.

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