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Exterior Methods & Application

Arriving & Setting Up

Using the WFP

Using Abrasives

walnut Pad.png

Has a house been done within the past couple months? (Regular Maintenance)
Most likely no need for abrasives. 

Has a house been remodeled?
There could be paint overspray or silicone marks. This may require a scraper and/or steel wool. 

Has it been a long time since the house has been cleaned?
There could be very dirty, dusty and crusty windows. This probably is going to require thorough wetbar scrubbing along with a scraper and/or steel wool. 

Water Fed Pole System Diagram.png

Water Fed Pole Filtration System

Pure water window cleaning utilizes tap water that has been stripped of naturally occurring minerals. Our multi-stage filtration process removes these minerals. The end result is deionized water that dries spot free and produces gleaming clear glass without the use of chemical agents. Brilliant!

boars hair.png
hybrid brush.png

Boars Hair Brush

Hybrid Brush

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