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Interior Methods & Application


Cleaning an Interior Screen

1. Release the side pins to unlock the screen. Handle the frame to pull screen into room, do not put push on the screen fabric.

2. Place towel under screen.

3. Wet soap scrub the screen.

4. Towel dry the entire screen.


Cleaning an Interior Window


1. Wet soap the window. (scrub if needed)

2. Squeegee the window dry.


3. Detail the edges and corners with a dry nano-fiber cloth.

Using Abrasives

walnut Pad.png

Has a house been done within the past couple months? (Regular Maintenance)
Most likely no need for abrasives. 

Has a house been remodeled?
There could be paint overspray or silicone marks. This may require a scraper and/or steel wool. 

Has it been a long time since the house has been cleaned?
There could be very dirty, dusty and crusty windows. This probably is going to require thorough wetbar scrubbing along with a scraper and/or steel wool. 

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