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Residential Window Cleaning

The goal of our residential window cleaning crews is to make you, the homeowner, feel pampered and to help your home realize its architectural potential.

Whether your reason for choosing a window cleaning service is convenience, safety, a busy life-style, or simply preferring to spend your free time on a golf course rather than a ladder, we can help with a well-trained, courteous crew. As professionals, we can complete with relative ease a job that might otherwise demand much of your time and energy. And we will do it with care, showing respect for your home and property. We will leave your home as we found it—only with brilliant windows.

All interior window-cleaning will be completed with the use of a window mop and squeegee. Towels and drop clothes will be placed under windows to protect your home. Window cleaners will remove shoes or wear shoe covers to protect your floors. We are happy to move and later return any necessary furniture to provide access to windows. We ask that you as the homeowner clear windows of any keepsakes, art objects or knick knacks. (That heavy couch doesn’t scare us a bit, but the stained-glass piece your daughter made in fourth grade scares us to death.)

We have a variety of ways to clean outside windows, including mop and squeegee as well as our water-fed pole system. The water-fed pole is a relatively new innovation that allows for squeegeeless cleaning of exterior glass without the use of ladders, making us safer and more efficient.

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